Accessible Parking Awareness Month

December 1, 2009
Subject: Accessible Parking Awareness Campaign – December 2009

Beginning on December 1st and running through the month of December, the
Mayor’s Disability Advisory Committee will be educating our community
about accessible parking stalls. During the Christmas season, when parking is
at a premium, the public is more likely to park in an accessible parking stall
often justifying that it is just for a minute. This means the spot is no longer
available to a person with a disability who needs the space.

This year Mayor Bruce Lantz proclaimed December, 2009 as Accessible
Parking Awareness Month in Fort St John. This is an ideal opportunity to focus
on the need to leave designated stalls for persons with disabilities. The public
is becoming less tolerant of people taking advantage of accessible parking
stalls when not entitled. Vehicles parking in accessible stalls must display a
valid parking placard.

A brochure, letter to businesses and an information sheet are attached for your
use in distributing the information to the members of our community. If you
have received a printed copy of this information and would like an electronic
version, please contact me with your email address.

The Mayor’s Disability Advisory Committee hopes to create public awareness
around the issue of parking stalls for people with disabilities and to make
people think before parking in a designated stall ‘just for a minute’.

Please contact me at (250) 787-1912 if you have any questions. We appreciate
any help you can provide in delivering this message to our community.

Lori Slater,
Chair, Mayor’s Disability Advisory Committee

Accessible Parking Awareness Brochure