Candidates Bios for the 2021 Municipal By-Election

Get out and Vote on May 15th

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Candidates running for the seat on City Council.

Below you can review the bios of our candidates.

You can also watch video of the All Candidates Forum by going to Moose FM FB Page or watching cuts of the evening by going  HERE

Thomas Whitton

As a father, spouse, and long-term resident of Fort St. John. I have always felt a deep connection to this community; the energy and spark that is ever present. This connection has led me to want to add my voice to the advocacy that is necessary for residents.I grew up in a unique upbringing, with my immediate family being a mixture of metis and European. My eldest brother having a developmental disability. I have learned that humanity is filled with diversity and judgement.  If I can use my position in the community to ensure inclusivity in all aspects; that is my desire. I understand the value of a dollar, as I did not grow up with wealth. I learned how to work hard and with determination, to put food on the table and a roof over my family’s head. After ten years focused on helping the community meet their financial goals from the banking industry, I now work in technology. Understanding the impacts of technology mixed with financial responsibility will allow me to bring fresh ideas to our great city. I hope to work with people from diverse backgrounds and guide us towards innovation for business, health, engagement, and families.
Businesses across the North have been asked to do more with less. Innovation is not only important in the current times, but its also about whether you will open your shop doors tomorrow. We need our government to take serious action on how we spend taxpayers’ dollars by learning as we have to do more, with less. As we move through the end of this current crisis we need to focus on recovery. Not just of our businesses, but the recovery all aspects of life.
On Council I will be a champion for families. I will support business and proactive community solutions. I will be the hardest working member of the council and will never take the residents of Fort St. John for granted.
On May 15th, I hope to earn your vote.

Sarah MacDougall

I have been a proud resident of Fort St. John since 2007 when I moved here, after graduating university, to accept a position with Northern Health. I quickly fell in love with the community, its people, vibrancy, energy and decided to set down my roots. Today, I call Fort St John home together with my husband, our 4 daughters and my parents who joined us upon their retirement.

I have many skills and qualities that would lend well to city council including leadership, open-mindedness, critical thinking, collaboration, and fiscal responsibility. These I have refined and developed over the years, particularly due to my work experience.

In my 13 years with Northern Health, I held 3 different positions. The first was as an Environmental Health Officer. This was a role that had me working directly in the community with business owners and the public. I then moved into the role of Public Health Planner, focusing on policy writing, projects and committees. My final role was that of Team Lead and the one which I held for approximately half of my time with NH. I was responsible for the northeast team, supervising, hiring and team development; liaising with stakeholders both internal and external, coordinating projects and chairing committees, regionally and provincially.

I also like to give back to my community through volunteering. One position I hold that would lend well is that of Treasurer for the Executive Board at Totem Preschool. I have always been prudent with the use of public funds through my work with Northern Health but being responsible for the financial operations of a non-profit with tight margins has made me especially keen to financial responsibility and getting the best value for every dollar spent.

I decided to run for city council because I see it as a way of using my strengths to give back to the community. I believe that my experience and knowledge would bring a unique perspective to council, one that would help council to address issues in a well-rounded manner and, overall, allow council to make the best decisions to continue improving our community.



Jonathon Gosselin

I’m a Born and raised resident who believes in a community approach to life. I’ve always been someone willing to sacrifice my time, resources and energy to make life better for others. I believe in doing what’s right all the time with honor and integrity. Everything I promote is stuff that I get personally involved in. I’m  grassroots, boots on the ground kind of person that believes in moving our community forward into the future while maintaining our small community ideals. You won’t see me doing or saying stuff that I haven’t worked on in the past nor had personal dealings with in the past because I’m running not as a politician but as a volunteer working to make our community a better place tomorrow than it is today!






Jim Lequiere





Good day I’d like to formally introduce myself. My name is Jim Lequiere, and I am running for FSJ City Council in the Spring by-election. I have lived, worked, and raised my family in Fort St John for the last 35 years. I have been happily married for 42 years, to my beautiful wife Cheryl I am a father
of 2, grandfather of 4 and proudly owned by 3 canines.Over the years I have sat on many executive boards including FSJ minor hockey, soccer, and baseball. I am also the president of the “Josh Lequiere Society,”
which is a Canadian registered Charity and to date with help from our corporate sponsors family and friends we have helped 138 underprivileged FSJ children and
youth Financially to be able to play an organized sport or good healthy physical activity.Also, I am a retired dual ticketed trades person that worked 30 plus years in the natural Gas industry and currently and for the last 3 years I have been a substitute
teacher for School District 60 in middle schools and the North Peace High school,  So …MY Reason for Running for FSJ City councilWell, I moved my young family to FSJ in 1986 and now my children are raising their children in FSJ. I have had a great career working in and around FSJ for 35
plus years. And as I have already mentioned I have been on many FSJ recreation executive boards over the years; As well as being the president of the Josh
Lequiere Society and now I want to step up my personal involvement even more to give back to a community that has given me and my family security, happiness,
and a place to call home. I feel with my keen interest in politics and my acquired skill set gained from many years of working in a team environment managing
multimillion dollar projects and budgets and along with my eye for detail I can benefit the residents of FSJ. Giving back to my community is something that is
near and dear to the Lequiere family so running for public office just seems right



Trystan Jones