Chamber Board recommends members consult financial advice on minimum wage increase impacts


News Release
January 12, 2011
The Fort St John & District Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all members for the outstanding response to our minimum wage survey.
Recently we asked our membership to fill out a survey about the impact of raising the minimum wage in BC, and we are impressed with the great response from our membership. 
Approximately 89 percent of the responses stated that a $2 and hour increase to the minimum wage would not affect your business in a negative way, while 11 percent of the responses said there would result in some affect.
The Fort St John & District Chamber of Commerce recommends that members consult their accountants and financial advisors to find out if/how a minimum wage increase would financially impact their business. There could be dramatic changes to your business even if you don’t pay a minimum wage. 
We always encourage any members of the business community or the public to get in touch with a Chamber director and voice your ideas, concerns and questions.  Thank you to all members that responded, helping us determine what is important to you. Your Chamber of Commerce is working on policies, workshops and networking opportunities that will help you succeed now and in the future.

Andrew Tylosky, President                                         
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