Chamber submits policy on Taxi regulations, four-laning of the Alaska Highway and Airport Investment

Each year, the Fort St John & District Chamber of Commerce forms a committee consisting of directors and the Chamber Manager to review the BC Chamber of Commerce policy and positions manual. This manual is developed with the input of Chambers from around the province and new policies are adopted each year at the AGM. The manual serves as a comprehensive guide for all levels of government to the views of the business community in the province. The Fort St. John Chamber has been successful at having policies adopted into the manual for the past three years.

The 2011 Proposed Resolutions from the Fort St. John Chamber are:

Quality of Service Standards and Enforcement for the Taxi Industry
–    This policy calls for changes to be made to the Legislative and regulatory structure of the Taxi industry to hold cab operators to minimum standards and adopt the Taxi Bill of Rights province wide.

Highway Transportation Improvements in the Northeast Region of BC

– This policy calls for the Provincial Government to immediately begin plans to four-lane the Alaska Highway between the Alberta Border and Fort St. John.

Provincial Airport Infrastructure Investment Plan
–    This policy calls for all levels of government to work together and develop a long-term strategic plan to guide investments in the Province’s Airport Infrastructure.

All three of Fort St. John’s policies have been approved by the BC Chamber Policy Review Committee and will voted on by the province-wide BC Chamber Membership at the AGM Policy sessions May 29-30th 2011 in Prince George.

“The Fort St John & District Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business for the Fort St John & Area and it is with a voice of over 400 members that we can collectively lobby the issues of our area”, says Chamber President Andrew Tylosky. “Thank you for telling us what is important to you, so we can act on it.”

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