Earth Hour – Saturday March 26th 8:30 pm – Tool Kit for Businesses


Earth HourTM is a global WWF climate change initiative. It began in Sydney, Australia in 2007, and in just three years it has grown to what is cited as the largest voluntary action in history, reaching more than one billion people worldwide. As Canadians we should be particularly proud, as we were one of the leading countries for participation!

Tool Kit for businesses CLICK HERE.

Why should you get involved?

By participating in WWF’s Earth Hour, you are joining millions of businesses across all seven continents in this truly powerful and symbolic demonstration. It’s also an opportunity to show your employees and customers that your business is committed to taking action on climate change.

You can help to ensure we have a living planet for future generations. A lot of work has already been done, but we need more! It’s within our reach to make a difference.