June 12 Breakfast Meeting – City Seeks to Energize Downtown

City Seeks to Energize Downtown


Date:  Thursday, June 12, 2014

Time:  7:00 am – 8:00 am

Location: Pomeroy Hotel & Convention Centre


Guest Speakers: Daniella Ferguson & Joaquin Karakas


The cornerstone of a livable and sustainable community is a healthy and vibrant downtown.

The City of Fort St. John is undertaking the second phase of a community planning process to develop an Action Plan for the Downtown. This process acts on City Council’s priorities to enhance the downtown as the economic, social, and cultural heart of the community and is an integral part of the implementation of the 2011 Official Community Plan (OCP).

Fort St. John is at an important cross road and is expected to undergo significant growth over the coming years. Our downtown has a key role to play in improving the quality and livability of the community as it undergoes this transformation.

The City is being assisted in this process by a multidisciplinary team of planning and urban design professionals led by Modus Consultants. Building on the vision and goals established by the 2011 OCP and the detailed technical and background work completed in Phase 1, Phase 2 of the Downtown Revitalization Project will identify a range of development, design concepts and priorities for both public and private realms. This will form the foundation for an implementation framework including development tools and incentives, downtown design guidelines and standards, and detailed policies for action in Phase 3.