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Work 1 -300 Highway 2 Dawson Creek British Columbia V1G 0A4 Canada Work Phone: (250) 782-7440 Website: https://www.dawsoncreekeventscentre.com/


Lakepoint Golf & Country Club

Contact: General Manager – Troy Knight
Work 13717 Golf Course Road Charlie Lake BC V1C 1H0 Other Box 6208 Fort St. John BC. V1J 3X7 Work Phone: 250-785-5566 Website: http://www.lakepoint.ca/


Work Phone: (250) 800-2606 Website: http://soundintown.com/
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Work Box 33 Fort St. John BC V1J 0K9 Work Phone: 250-785-6214 Website: http://www.stagenorth.ca/
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Work 9404 – 243 Rd Baldonnel BC V1J 1C6 Work Phone: 250-789-3072 Website: TheHorseRanch.com
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The Lido Theatre

Owner/Operator Contact: Brian Kirschner
Work 10156- 10th Ave Fort St. John BC V1J 1Y6 Work Phone: 250-78-3011 Work Fax: 250-785-3061 Website: https://thelido.ca

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