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Work 9008 109 Street Fort St. John BC V1J 6H4 Work Phone: 250-261-5584 Work Fax: 250-261-5474 Work Fax: Toll Free: 1-877-261-5591 Website:
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Work 7916 Alaska Rd Fort St. John BC V1J 0P3 Work Phone: 250.263.9121 Work Fax: 250.785.5747 fax Website:


Work 8808 72 Street Fort St. John BC. V1J 6M2 Work Phone: 250-787-0356 Work Fax: 250-787-0310 Website:
Work 10915 Alaska Road Fort St. John BC V1J 6P3 Work Phone: 250-785-3902 Website:


Terrain Geomatics BC Land Surveying Ltd.

Terrain Geomatics, BC Land Surveying Ltd. Contact: Jerry Mullin
Work Box 824 Charlie Lake BC VOC 1H0 Work Phone: 250-793-5118 Website: Terrain Geomatics
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Work 11320 – 100th Avenue Fort St. John BC V1J 1Z9 Work Phone: 250-262-0031 Website:


Work Unit 210A – 3430 Brighton Avenue Burnaby BC V5A 3H4 Work Phone: 604-732-3384 Work Fax: 604-732-4709 Website:

Urban Systems

Contact: Jaime Adam
Work 10808 100 Street Fort St. John BC V1J 3Z6 Work Phone: 250-785-9697 Website:

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