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Contact: Kelly Nix
Work 10616 87 Avenue Fort St. John BC. V1J 5K7 Work Phone: 250-787-0674 Website:


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Ready mixed concrete is made from a carefully balanced mixture of aggregates, cement and water. Concrete made by Inland Concrete Ltd. (A Div. of Lehigh Hanson Materials Limited) finds its way into every avenue of modern society. From residential driveways to high-speed highways, mass transit stations to airport runways, professional sports arenas to playgrounds, our concrete makes the things that keep our communities running. Lehigh Hanson Canada Region has been providing concrete solutions and expert advice for commercial, residential, institutional, agricultural and do-it-yourself applications since its early beginnings in 1910.

At Lehigh Hanson Canada, we hire responsible people — the kind of people you can trust to do the right thing. In our industry, incidents happen when people lose focus. With the right mix of responsible people, our health and safety culture can be stronger than our products.

Responsible People Make a Responsible Company

In an environment where materials and processes can be dangerous, even fatal, the significance of every individual’s judgement is heightened. Safety has to be front of mind, at every step of our manufacturing process— the life of a colleague may depend on a moment’s inattention.

Decisions large and small could have long-lasting effects on the health of local communities and the well-being of natural habitats . Lehigh Hanson Canada needs all of our people to think carefully about how they can minimize our negative impact over the long-term.

At Lehigh Hanson Canada, we call our approach Responsibility Mixed In. Lehigh Hanson Canada wants to be a responsible company from beginning to end. To achieve that goal, we want to hire responsible people who will bring strong personal ethics to work every day.

Meet Lehigh Hanson Canada people who are setting new standards in health & safety, stewardship, and community engagement — our people set higher standards for themselves than what’s written in the manual.

Employee Referral Program

LHC is always looking for great people to join our team. The Lehigh Hanson Canada Employee Referral Program is designed to reward employees who identify talented and qualified external candidates to fill open positions, both salaried and hourly. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by colleagues that we know and trust?

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