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Contact: Ralph Falle – Regional Manager
Work 5-242 MacAlpine Cres. Fort McMurray Alberta T9H 4A6 Work Phone: 780-743-3080 Work Fax: 780-714-3359 Website:


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What Really Sets Superheat FGH Apart

What really sets Superheat FGH apart and distinguishes them above all others, is a comprehensive, highly focused business model, integrating the most strategic deployment of industry heat treatment experts, proprietary application software and a centralized Quality Management Center (QMC). Superheat FGH provides an off-site command and control operation function to compliment and support heat treatment work in the field, ensuring consistently high levels of quality control, unparalleled around-the-clock surveillance and extensive real-time data management, including process parameters, project activity and instantaneous cost accounting.

Vision & Values

Superheat FGH has become the number one on-site industrial heat treatment service provider in the world. The company’s focus on creating a unique, innovative business culture and the funding of R&D in relation to its proprietary web based technology will underpin its continued leadership position in industrial heat treatment.

Our vision is to remain the industry’s leading on-site heat treatment service provider. We will achieve our goal by continuing to expand globally, and by continuing to grow our quality driven R&D commitment to give further value-added services to our clients. We will offer our clients a totally web-based process overview to enable precise real time reporting.

Our Values


Safety – Priority One.


Quality deliverables resulting in added value.

Employee Engagement

To provide exciting and rewarding engagement for our employees.

Fairness & Transparency

Fairness and transparency in all our dealings.

R&D Commitment

Sincere commitment to the funding of ongoing R&D.

Exceed Expectations

To understand our clients’ requirements and to strive to exceed them.


To provide world class training for all employees.

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5-242 MacAlpine Cres. Fort McMurray Alberta T9H 4A6

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