Pulse Check #4 Results

COVID Pulse Check #4 Results
Dear CHAMBER member,
Thank you for participating in the COVID-19 Impact Pulse Check #4. We received 216 responses from Northern Chambers – and the results are available here.
Here’s what you told us:
While British Columbia has entered phase three of its Restart Plan, slightly over half (58%) of businesses surveyed in Northern BC are using some form of government support, fewer than in other regions across the province. Businesses expect a substantial “second wave” of negative impacts should these programs expire too quickly.
Impacts on Businesses
  • More businesses in Northern BC report that reopening requirements are difficult (26%), lack clarity of health and safety requirements (22%), and are expensive to implement (26%). Small businesses are especially hardest hit with 19% reporting that the measures are very expensive compared to 12% of all businesses in Northern BC.
  • 42% report increasing operating costs, likely due to reopening or expanding operations. This level increases to over 60% of medium and large businesses.
  • On the positive side, 25% have increased their digital or e-commerce presence, and small groups have introduced new products or services (11%), advanced new marketing projects (7%) or advanced new research and development (4%).
BC Government Recovery Plan and Support
  • Businesses are not particularly confident that when the province launches a recovery/rebuilding plan, the provincial government’s plan will help their business succeed through the COVID period (only 14% said they are confident or very confident that the plan will help them succeed)
  • 58% of businesses are using some form of government support program to assist during COVID (fewer than the 68% provincial average).
  • Only 38% of businesses on government support expect to return to normal once the government support programs end.