News Release – Referendum Results are in: 54.7% No Vote extinquishing the HST

For Immediate Release
August 25, 2011
The Fort St John & District Chamber of Commerce is expressing disappointment to the announcement of the results of the HST Referendum.  Although the referendum results will cause some business uncertainty and lower the confidence in BC’s economy, we look forward to working with government toward solutions to a new & improved PST/GST model that could include some of the efficiencies and competitiveness of the HST model.
“It’s a disappointing decision that will have impacts on our members, the economy and on business,” says Chamber President Andrew Tylosky.
Our Chamber expresses concern about what effect this decision will have on our province’s financial position with an additional $1.6 Billion to be paid back to Ottawa.  It could take anywhere from 18 months to 2 years to finalize the reimplementation of the GST/PST system.
The Chamber of Commerce is interested in hearing from the business community with options on how to transition to the PST/GST as well as explore opportunities for a new consumption tax model.
For more information contact:
Andrew Tylosky, President