SynergyFSJ Mingler

Hey Everyone – I hope your enjoying the great fall weather while we still have it!

Since its near the end of September – it is time for our Monthly ‘Mingler’ – Join us on Thursday, September 30 at 7:00 p.m. at On The Rocks – Upper Lounge for the Synergy FSJ ‘Mingler’. 

Synergy FSJ, is a Junior Division of the Fort St. John and District Chamber of Commerce, holding its first monthly ‘Mingler’ networking evening in September and hopes to have an amazing turnout. The ‘Minglers’ are held at On the Rocks’ upstairs lounge and professionals from finance, real estate, small business, oil & gas and many other industries come out to network and get involved in the event. 
September’s Mingler will be on Thursday, September 30th beginning at around 7:00pm at On the Rocks. Synergy FSJ will host events like this on the final thursday of each month. They are a great way for you or your employees to meet like-minded individuals and get involved in the community. 
This is only one part of the group as it hopes to expand by hosting keynote speakers, starting a mentorship program and helping out in the community in a variety of ways.  Make sure to bring your business cards as you never know who you will meet. It could be your next client or business partner.
For more information on Synergy FSJ, you can visit 
You can also find us on Twitter at or on Facebook – search for Synergy FSJ and become a fan to stay up to date on events and more
If your business is a member of the Fort St. John & District Chamber of Commerce – It is FREE to attend the Synergy FSJ Minglers. If your business is not, there is a cost of $25/year for SynergyFSJ. Want more info ? Visit or email Brent at

The Synergy FSJ is a diverse network of professionals under the age of 40, who reside in the Fort St. John & Area. Through our ties to the Fort St. John & District Chamber of Commerce and other business and community organizations, we provide our members the opportunity to connect with likeminded individuals and to effect positive change in our community.

What is Synergy FSJ? It is: A junior division of the Fort St. John & District Chamber of Commerce. A great opportunity to bring together like minded and age individuals to network and get involved with your business community. Opportunity to take advantage of Chamber of Commerce partner events and workshops. Opportunity to connect with business leaders. Obtain mentoring from the business men and women that make up the Fort St. John & District Chamber of Commerce.

Who can join? Anyone under 40 who is either a: Entrepreneur, Business owner, Manager, Senior staff, Executive, Prospective entrepreneur

All Chamber members are encouraged to sign up their senior staff and young executives.

How does this benefit businesses? Network your staff with same age and likeminded individuals. Retains your staff because they are getting to know the right type of friends that have common interests and hobbies. Your staff become more community involved. Your staff or new hires become a part of the community and don’t feel like an outsider.