S & S Turbine Services Ltd. – Industrial Turbine Servicing

Canada’s Premier Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Full-Service Overhaul Facility


S&S Turbine Services LTD is a full service overhaul facility.S&S Turbine Services Ltd. is a Canadian company, located in Fort St. John, British Columbia. Our focus is twofold: On the support, maintenance, and overhaul of aeroderivative gas turbine prime movers in electrical generation and natural gas compression service.

Support, maintenance and overhaul of military aircraft engines and naval main propulsion aeroderivative gas generators. We offer to users a truly independent & economical alternative to OEM-performed heavy maintenance and overhaul facilities. By virtue of our extensive parts sourcing network which spans the globe, it is not uncommon for us to offer as much as a 60% reduction in overhaul costs, in comparison to OEM shops.

Our specialty is support of older aeroderivative turbine units, providing parts and servicing well after the original supplier has packed up and left. In most cases, older so called “obsolete” units may be upgraded to allow higher outputs, thermal efficiencies, and lower emissions.

If you are looking for an alternative to your current service provider, please contact us. We know you will be pleased with our expertise, pricing and turn times.